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Robot vacuum cleaner LIECTROUX C30B

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8 500грн.
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Robot vacuum cleaner LIECTROUX C30B  WIFI. German brand.  2019 model,

1 year warranty from the manufacturer.

2D navigation memory mapping, wet cleaning, gyroscope, 7.5 cm ultra-thin body, Japanese motor, 2500 mAh, WIFI application ...

Price 7800 UAH 1 year. Warranty from the manufacturer. (economy (budget) option)

Price 8500 UAH Original. Warranty from the manufacturer -1 year.

Price 9200 UAH . Original. Warranty from the service center "Liectroux" Ukraine. - 6 months

Price 9800 UAH Original. Warranty from the service center "Liectroux" Ukraine - 12 months.



Advantages of the Liectroux C30B Vacuum Cleaner. German brand. WIFI 2019

Scanning the room. Before cleaning, the vacuum cleaner scans the rooms and creates cards, on which it performs cleaning. When changing the room plan, the card in the equipment memory is also rebuilt to improve the quality of cleaning.
Sound accompaniment. The robot makes certain sounds when it needs charging, removing accumulated debris, errors, etc.
Increased cleaning efficiency. The triple filtration system makes this model the best in its class. In addition to the classic, a HEPA filter is also added.
Connect to a Wi-Fi module. The presence of wireless communication over the network allows you to control equipment using a mobile device. In the application, you can select the cleaning time, enable and disable the robot, set other parameters.
Wet cleaning. For this, there is a separate tank with a volume of 350 ml. In the wet cleaning mode, it can work up to 100 minutes.
Convenient design. The presence of modules simplifies the process of caring for a vacuum cleaner, allows you to quickly change consumables.
The motherboard and other electronic components are protected from dust by special elements of the case, which significantly extends the life of the equipment and guarantees the safe operation of the “smart assistant”.

Model differences
Thorough cleaning of small debris and dust.
Adjustment and construction of the route depending on the location of objects and the presence of height differences.
Suitable for caring for carpet, tile, stone, wood and other floor coverings.
To protect against bumps and falls from a height (stairs, sills), there is a special sensor.
The capacity of a 2500 mA lithium battery guarantees 100-120 minutes of continuous operation for cleaning a room ranging from 170 to 220 m2.
The equipment runs silently and quickly.

Робот пылесос LIECTROUX C30B

The package includes:

Main body 1 pc

Base station for recharging 1 pc

Remote control (batteries not included) 1 pc

1 pc adapter

1pcs dust collector, 1pcs electric water container

Cleaning tool 1 pc

Additional side brushes 2 pcs

Optional HEPA filter 1 pc

Extra rag 1 pc

1 pc user manual

Our company www.liectroux.com.ua is the official representative of the Liectroux brand in Ukraine.

Service center "Liectroux Ukraine" provides service warranty and after-sales service for all robots of vacuum cleaners and robots of window washers of Liectroux company, purchased exclusively on the websites of our partners






According to the legislation of Ukraine, the return and exchange of goods is possible within 14 days, provided:

  • integrity of all seals on the product
  • the product should not be in use
  • the product is required to maintain its presentation.

In case of violation of the integrity of the seals, the product warranty is automatically voided and the goods are not exchanged, repaired or returned!

Maintenance and repair of Liectroux equipment purchased at other sites, stores, etc. is made on a fee basis.

The service center "Liectroux Ukraine" always has spare parts and consumables for quick repair and maintenance of our equipment.

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